Portable Orbital Drilling Systems



- Semi-automatic drilling systems with manually adjusted offset/eccentricity.

- Programmable for drilling holes within tight tolerances in stacked materials contaning difficult-to-drill materials such as titanium, composites and stainless steel.

- Ergonomically designed to ensure a healthy working environment for the operator. 

- Built in functions for fool proof operations, e.g. automatic hole identification and breaking and non-breaking alarms.

Technical features for the PM-series

  • Variable process control enables controlled stack drilling.
  • Variable hole diameter by manually changing the eccentricity
  • Variable feed rate
  • Variable orbital speed
  • Gear-box system for variable spindle speed 
  • Automatic hole identification using RFID
  • Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) or pressurized air only
    through the spindle axis
  • Efficient vacuum chip extraction