SmartTemplatesTM is a Bushing Identifications System utilizing RFID technology to provide Fail Safe Drilling.

An RFID-tag is installed adjecent to each bushing in the drill jig. When the drilling unit is clamped to the bushing, the antenna embedded in the Nosepiece reads the ID number of the tag and sends the information to the RFID Reader Module in the drill units Control Board.

This technology enables individual  drill process recepies to be made for each 
bushing/hole. Parameters such as speeds, feeds, Air/MQL etc. can be optimized
for each layer in a stacked material, resulting in a controlled drilling process and
enhanced hole quality.

SmartTemplatesTM also eliminates the possibility of operator errors as the drill
unit will refuse to start if it is clamped to an unknown bushing or a bushing
where the hole has already been made.